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Daniela MindBodyHealth

Online Transformation Coach

Here at Thrive Transformation Academy we are about transforming your lifestyle by breaking free of the dieting cycle, ending the struggle with consistency, and establishing permanent changes that you can sustain forever.

Thrive Transformation Academy.

High level of coaching designed to serve ambitious, and busy women like you, drop up to TWO dress sizes in 90 days, shape up, and build real confidence, whilst overcoming self sabotage, procrastination, and emotional eating. 

No more fad diets, these are essentially just putting a plaster on a broken bone problem! As an online Mind Body & Health Mentor I help you to reach the heart of your mindset, routines and habits so that weight loss is never an issue again.

What I Offer

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Love Yourself
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Learn what types of exercise are most effective for fat loss & how to build lean muscle to get the body you desire & an efficient fat burning metabolism. Get strong, and love it in the process.



Create rituals around your busy lifestyle, so you feel prepared and organised in fitting your goals into your schedule. Implement daily & weekly stress management practices. Free yourself from self-sabotage, procrastination & the struggle with consistency.


Not only will you have access to me on a daily basis, but you will be joining a community of women who are on the same journey as you.

Develop freedom around all foods & learn how to structure your meals throughout the day. Eliminate hunger and cravings by learning how to listen to your body, work with your female cycle, & increase your natural fat burning potential whilst ditching the bloat.

Happy Clients

I am honestly feeling so confident within myself, and it's all thanks to you. Two dress sizes down, and 16 lbs lighter. I'm so thankful for you never giving up on me.
-Bethany, Peterborough.

You've got that star quality, this is the best thing I've done. I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for you. I'm 20 lbs down so far, and cannot wait to see more

- Kathryn, Peterborough.

I can't believe I am now able to shop for colourful clothes. You are the best decision I've ever made.
-Yuliya, Cambridge.

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