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5 Signs of Binge Eating

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Hi, my name is Daniela and one of the problems I hear a lot from my Thrive Academy clients is about binge eating. So, this is for you if you've ever wondered, "Am I binge eating?” 🤔

Or maybe you know you’re struggling but you feel like it’s not *that* bad or that you’re “not sick enough” to get help ☹️

I want to remind you that your pain/suffering is just as deserving as the next person...

Even if you don't quite believe it yet or don't have a diagnosis!

So what are a few signs of binge eating?

1️⃣ Extreme guilt or shame after eating.

🍪 This could look like eating a box of cookies until uncomfortably full 😔 and being completely overwhelmed with guilt that self-hatred consumes your body.

2️⃣ Feelings of “blacking out” while eating.

Have you ever walked into the kitchen in the morning ☀️ and discovered empty cereal boxes from a midnight binge you have no recollection of?

3️⃣ Frequently throwing food in the trash to try and avoid it 🗑 and then maybe eating it out of the trash.

✋ You feel like the only way to stop yourself from eating this food is to just get rid of it.

👉 But as soon as you put it in the trash this overwhelming feeling of it’s-now-or-never to eat this food takes over.

4️⃣ Eating a large quantity, more than a regular meal, in a short amount of time ⏰

👉 This is subjective, what’s “normal” to me, may not be “normal” to you.

But it's the emotion and feelings behind what's happening that makes it a binge.

5️⃣ Unable to keep trigger foods in the house.

🍦 When a trigger food is in the house it's all you can think about, it almost feels obsessive at times.

If you’re struggling with any of these signs of binge eating

You deserve to stop feeling like food has complete control over you, and be able to eat a cookie and MOVE ON instead of it turning into a binge.

Help is available girl… You’re open to that aren’t you?

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, & Life and Success Coach.

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