Fat Loss Journey - Managing Expectations

What preconceived expectations are you carrying into your fat loss journey?

Maybe you've never even considered you were carrying any? Well let's see, because expectations will derail your progress faster than any food you eat.

If you've ever said something along the lines of...

"I wish it was happening faster."

"I should be further along by now."

"Ugh, the scale is only down 1 pound."

"I'm not where I want to be, but..."

"I deserve 'xyz' for how hard I'm working."

Then yep, you've got some preconceived weight loss expectations - but don't worry sis, you're not alone!


Having tried everything under the sun to lose the extra weight & shape up you've developed expectations around how you believe "fat loss" should go.

It's not your fault; it happens subconsciously..

• From marketing claims companies share on their social media.

• How much weight your coworker lost when she tried that new diet plan.

• Based on how much weight you lost last time you tried that one program.

These expectations form little benchmarks in your mind that you decide must be hit in order for you to be successful with your weight loss goal, and when you don't hit said benchmarks, it's easy to feel like the process isn't working, then you become defeated, and switch diet plans. Which only delays results.

Here's the thing. Fat loss and shaping up takes TIME & PATIENCE. I mean, seriously - multiply your expectations by 4.

When you finally quit following quick-fix plans and rapid, unsustainable tactics and switch to a sustainable approach, you must remember to leave those "quick-fix expectations" at the door. You don't know how long sustainable fat loss takes because you've never done it before.. So how can you know what the process is "supposed to be?"


This situation is one of the reasons working with a health and fitness coach like myself is invaluable. You can rely on our knowledge and programming to ensure you're on track with your goals even if the process is taking "longer than you expect." Remember: just because it's taking longer doesn't mean it's not working.

Sustainable fat loss isn't slower than these quick-fix results, a common misconception. It's faster because you avoid that dance of losing the weight & gaining it back and finally make forward progress consistently.

You can't control how quickly your body loses weight, but you can control your actions 👊


Years ago, I was quite frankly a mess...

I vividly remember binge eating my way through my emotions. I felt stuck on the whole fat loss and shaping-up conveyor betlt. I constantly went from diet to diet and did as much cardio as possible. It didn't actually get me very far lol - and if anything it messed with my body, and mind even more so.

My mental health was suffering - I wanted it bad 🥺

THIS... is the reason I am helping women do it the RIGHT way.

I want to help you avoid this. I managed my own expectations whilst working through my demons and fighting my way back to fitness through fat loss, but it's a journey - and I'm still on it girl!

If you’re like most busy women and mamas out there trying to achieve that full body confidence, and let go of the all-or-nothing mentality then you need to stop spending 20% of your time taking action and 80% of your time doing the wrong things - stop NOW. Otherwise it's just going to be a painstakingly slow progress (if any). Just being honest ladies 😙


If you are ready to start making massive progress towards your health and fitness goals then send me a message and we can chat about whether

Daniela MindBodyHealth Academy is right for you 🌸

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