What We Eat Matters

I wish I knew all of this years ago.. but let me fill you in a little..


We have been told to eat low-fat, nutrient-deficient foods. & we wonder why we’re always hungry and can’t lose weight! We think it’s because we aren’t doing something right. Or that we need to exercise more and eat less. This is bad advice that we’ve been following for way too long.

What if you changed your focus to eating healthier with WHOLE foods?

What if we changed our focus to getting healthier INSTEAD of being focused on losing weight?

I truly believe the biggest difference would be that you will lose the weight as part of a lifestyle shift, not just because you went on yet another diet that you can’t maintain longer than 2 weeks…

There’s no short cut to anything worth having...



The foods you eat can have a DRAMATIC impact on how you look and feel (your mood, energy levels, skin, hair, etc.) as well as how YOU age.. 20 going on 30? Or would you prefer 20 but looking & feeling younger?

Food is also FUEL for your body; it’s what gives us energy. Think about your car – when it is out of fuel it no longer works. Your body works the same way.

I do believe in being in a calorie deficit if your goal is to lose weight.. However focus on the types of foods that fuel you and give you what you need for optimum health. When you do this, you begin to shift your mindset and lifestyle. The results can be achieving and maintaining an ideal weight range and having a healthier relationship with food.


In addition vitamins and minerals (also known as micronutrients), fuel for your body also comes in the form of macronutrients.

Whole food (think real food) macronutrients are protein, fat, and carbohydrates. They contain the highest levels of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). They are critical for our health and well-being.

Diets that include a lot of process foods lack micronutrients. This is why focusing on the quality of food to maximize your intake of nutrients is so important. This is why your focus should not be only on counting calories !!

Counting calories is helpful, but it’s important to remember to always choose quality over just the number of calories a food contains.

For example, a chocolate bar worth 200 calories will not provide you even close to the amount of what your body needs in nutrition as 200 calories from fruits, vegetables or other whole foods would.

Awareness is the first important step and this is where keeping a food journal can be very helpful.

One thing I truly believe in is to not feel guilty about food. Food is meant to be enjoyed. The healthier choices you make each day, the better you will feel. And eventually, you won’t even want the processed, refined and less nutritious options. Your body will start to crave healthy foods! I know this is true because I have experienced it!




“Protein is an important essential nutrient because your body uses it to build new cells, maintain tissues, and synthesize new proteins that make it possible for you to perform basic bodily functions.
Proteins are nutrients that are essential to the building, maintenance and repair of your body tissues such as your skin, internal organs, and muscles. They are also the major components of your immune system and hormones.
Proteins are made up of substances called amino acids — 22 of which are considered vital for your health. Your body can make 14 of these amino acids, but the other eight, known as essential amino acids, must be obtained from what you eat.” – mercola.com

Protein helps you feel satiated (feeling full and satisfied). Protein also helps stabilize blood sugar levels and minimize mindless munching. So be sure to incorporate it into every meal.

Each person has different protein needs based on their weight, age, fitness level, and other factors.



Carbohydrates are important for our bodies for many reasons including providing energy to our cells. It also aids in recovery from physical activity. Carbohydrates can also be a good source of fiber.


Consuming sufficient amounts of fat in the right forms and proper proportions has been shown to offer significant health benefits.

Among many things, it can strengthen your immune system, enhance brain and nervous system functions such as mood, intelligence and behavior. It can also reduce cardiovascular disease, increase energy and performance, give you healthy skin, hair, and nails, regulate body weight, and improve organ and gland function.

Fat is also critical for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K, as well as optimal hormone function.

“But, wait, isn’t fat was bad for me?!”

This belief is due mostly to the low-fat diet craze that caused many people to run scared from all dietary sources of fat. This craze led many food companies replaced fat with sugar and other chemicals to make foods taste good. This was and is not good for your health or your waistlines.


The way you start your day can set you up for success !!

Traditional breakfast foods are carb-heavy.

Be sure to include some protein in your breakfast.

You’ll likely discover that you will feel full longer and not experience a mid to late morning crash.

Experiment by trying a different breakfast each day for a few days and see what gives you sustained energy, keep you full longer and have you feeling better.

Be open to trying new foods. Start with one meal at a time. This way it won’t feel so overwhelming.



1. Try different foods for breakfast – notice how you feel with different foods.

2. Start a food journal. You can use the free download below, a notebook or an app like MyFitnessPal. The focus is not to count calories, but rather to get an idea of how much protein, carbohydrates and fats you are consuming every day. Although as mentioned before, you should be in a calorie deficit or surplus for certain goals.

Be sure to also note how you feel before, during and after each meal and any factors that you can attribute to those feelings. 3. Then come back and let me you know what you’ve found. Leave a comment on this post below, drop me an email or on social media 😁👍

Daniela mindbodyhealth ♡

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