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Spending endless hours of cardio, or in the gym, and not seeing results? 

Trying every diet under the sun and never seeing any real changes?

Eating clean Monday through Friday but falling off track over the weekend, only to start all over again every week? 

Turning to emotional eating and binging where you feel you can’t stop around food only leading to regaining and losing the same weight?

Struggling to fit meal prep, eating clean and workouts into your busy schedule?


Feeling like a failure for not sticking to programs for more than a few weeks?


If so then, Thrive Transformation Academy is perfect for you!

What Inspired Me To Create This Academy For YOU

I created Daniela Mindbodyhealth Academy because I know how frustrating and confusing it can be to lose weight. I used to be the larger one out of everyone, and was a size 22 at the age of 14 - I’m here to show you the way out.

I thought the only way to lose weight and achieve a defined look was to go to extremes, cut carbs, increase my cardio, and lift. I felt lost trying every diet and workout routine out there, hopelessly searching for the one that’d get me results as soon as possible.

Every time I started gaining momentum or a glimpse of progress, life would happen. I’d fall off track, blame myself, feel guilty over it, emotionally eat, and start back over on Monday. It was so exhausting.

I found myself 100 pounds overweight, unhappy, and didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. I was exhausted from this never-ending binge-restrict cycle and desperate for a solution. A solution that fit my busy schedule. One where I could eat more filling food and create balance in my life. That solution didn’t exist, so I created it. 

Now, I’m sharing my secrets with you in this program. It’s time to put an end to your struggle and start feeling confident in your skin.

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About Thrive Transformation Academy

Thrive Transformation Academy is ran as a 90 day segment. It is a high level 1:1 coaching program designed to help ambitious and busy women like you drop the dress sizes, get into shape and achieve long lasting full body confidence, whilst overcoming self sabotage, procrastination & emotional eating.


This program will help you create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, with lasting results.

Finally indulge in the foods you love while training smartly and build the lean, strong, defined body you desire when you look in the mirror.

Together, we’ll develop a routine that works for your busy lifestyle clearing the confusion, stress and possible doubt you've had until now. 

Doing this, you will achieve your dream body to generate a powerful, long-lasting transformation.

Checking Weight

Imagine if...

Consistency came easily! 

You could enjoy your date nights, vacations, and girls nights without worrying about a meal plan.

You woke up every day feeling energised, happy, and confident in your skin, genuinely loving who you see in the mirror with the defined look you always dreamed of.  

You enjoyed working out, felt confident at the gym, and felt yourself becoming stronger every week.

You saw consistent, maintainable progress, and feeling proud of yourself for finally losing the weight you’ve been trying to for years!

You could balance eating well, working out, meal prep, and your social life while having more time for yourself!

You never held yourself back in life because of your weight. You showed up, wore the shorts, booked the trip, went on the date, or jumped in the photo! You were able to live your life feeling beautiful, strong, and empowered.

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What you will receive inside THRIVE Academy …

12 weeks of customised workouts tailored to home or the gym. Your program includes mobile access to your program and video demonstrations for proper form and technique.

Comprehensive nutrition support including a grocery guide, master foods list, meal prep breakdown, snack cheat sheet, guilt free recipes, recipe demos via video, personalised nutrition goal and more.

Select community of women all across the UK who are on the same path as you. You will have a buddy to lean on too.  You are a product of your environment - support is key to results. 

Consistent support and access with Daniela through your coaching app.

Weekly video check-ins.

Form assessment feedback video.

Weekly expert mentoring calls with Daniela. Learn how to develop new habits and routines, how to banish self sabotage, procrastination, and emotional eating, whilst exceeding your expectations. 

Personalised Hypnotherapy track to tap into your subconscious, which is the ultimate driver of your thoughts, which leads to your actions, which ultimately brings you the results in - we are what we think !!

Access to educational videos inside your members' portal, expert guest speakers, and online workshops.

In DMBH Academy I’ll take you through my 4 step method to sustainable results: 


Master your Mindset

You cannot make a long lasting physical transformation with making a shift in your mindset. Which is where I work with you to break free from self-sabotage, procrastination, and the struggle with consistency. Set clear goals and uncover the root causes through powerful subconscious change, for a lifetime of success.

Reset your Nutrition

Hate diets? Good! Learn to eat the foods you (and your family) love without restriction.

Develop freedom around food and learn how to structure your meals throughout the day. 

In this step you'll learn how to eat for fat loss, interpret nutrition labels, grocery shop with ease and meal prep in under 60 minutes. All while creating balance in your diet to never feel deprived.

Elevate your training

Learn what types of exercise are most effective for fat loss and how to build lean muscle for an efficient fat burning metabolism. Learn how to eat more, workout less, break through plateaus, and stay on track without fear no matter your location. No more crazy cardio. No more killing yourself on that cross trainer. No more having a gym membership that you don't use.

Cultivate your lifestyle

Create daily and weekly routines, so you feel prepared and organized in fitting your goals into your schedule. 

Implement daily and weekly stress management practices. Hack bad habits, and learn how to transition into a mindful way of eating and living post-program for ultimate balance.

After Completing the Course you will ... 

Develop a sustainable routine for your health and fitness that fits into your schedule and you can maintain.

Have freedom from an all or nothing mentality around food, so you can eat foods you love guilt free!

No longer be on a diet! Rather you'll be able to eat more and workout less!

Obtain balance in your routine so you can enjoy a social life and see results without sacrifice.

Understand how to eat to fuel your body and increase your energy.

Hack negative habits and thinking that previously led to regaining weight or falling off track.

Feel confident during your holidays, travels, and social settings with ease.

Have built an efficient metabolism to eliminate hunger and cravings and keep the weight off for good!

Ready to lose the weight and get your life back? Let’s get you there together!

Click the button below to apply.

Client Testimonials


Do I need a gym membership?

Nope! You receive a fully customised workout program tailored to at home, or the option for the gym. This includes access to your workouts via an app to take them with you wherever you go, and full exercise video demonstrations, so no questions or guessing!

How do I know this will work for me?

What you’ve tried in the past didn’t work for your lifestyle, which is why it didn’t provide results you could sustain. DMBH is failure-proof with the tools and systems to help you transform your habits combined with 1:1 support and accountability from me; you can’t fail as long as you show up. It is my job to help you create a routine that you can be consistent with and provide support for when resistance comes up. DMBH is nothing like you’ve tried before, and that’s precisely why it works.

What if I have to travel, or events during the 90 days? Will I still be able to make this work?

Absolutely! I designed this to give you the tools you need for life, and that includes traveling! I'll teach you how to stay consistent while having your favorite treats and indulgences! As far as materials go, everything is accessible online.

How is this better than a face to face personal trainer?

Fair enough, you're a little skeptical about an online fitness trainer. I get that, I was nervous transitioning online but I knew it was the right thing!


Don't get me wrong, I loved training people face to face in the gym for may years, but I didn't feel like I was TRUELY helping them. They would pay me £280pcm to see me twice a week. That was it! That's a lot considering exercise is only 20% of the results. 


In an hour session how on earth are you supposed to go over training, mindset, nutrition and food diaries, all in one go ?! 


Investing in an online fitness coach means that you can guarantee 3 things; 


1. It is more flexible than in person 1-2-1 coaching. You schedule your workouts and food to suit YOU. 

2. A complete lifestyle change. No more SW, WW and fad diets  (these are essentially just putting a plaster on a broken bone problem!). Get to the heart of your mindset, routines and habits so that weight loss is never an issue again.

3. You get more bang for your buck. Because I can offer you more support as I have more hours to coach you not only on your exercise, but also in depth on your nutrition and your mindset. 

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