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Come seated, on a laptop, undisturbed and with a pen and paper !! The session is recorded and a copy is sent to your email address.

In the session we will unlock your potential by 👇

  • Unblocking where you are stuck with weight loss.

  • Shift limiting beliefs, and self sabotaging behaviours.

  • Create a clear action plan for your health to get the results you desire, eg what to do to get the lbs shifting again.

  • Shift your perspective on weight loss.

  • Gaining clarity on your goals and desires.

  • Bonus - Custom Weight Loss Hypnotherapy recording to regain motivation for consistent results, and/or avoid emotional eating spells.

You will walk away feeling 👇

  • Clarity on how to release the weight you want to drop for good.

  • Empowered with actionable first steps to achieve this.

  • Confident knowing you will never have to do a fad diet ever again.


If you want to know more about working with me long term as a one to one coaching client, we can chat about that at the end of our calls.

The Unlocking Your Potential Session is split into two one to one calls within a month time frame.

Come with questions !!

Your Fat Loss & Mindset Specialist,

Daniela MindBodyHealth.


*The initial one off investment for this is only £88.00 for the first 10 ladies - after this, it will then be going up to £120.00

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